Anime Sex Doll Chie 140cm 145cm 150cm 158cm 168cm Animation Doll

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Chie is tremendously elegant and gentle when she wants to be. You can dress her up in a stunning, virtuous dress. She can quickly flip the switch and do a complete 180 and become a seductive masochist. That’s one of the greatest aspects about her; you can go out on a date and get the best of both worlds. She has the ability to adapt to one’s personality. She has an appearance of a well-developed young woman, who can simply overwhelm you with desires. If you’re an oppai man, there is more than enough to handle. Take one last good look into her lustful eyes and tell me she doesn’t have waifu material written all over her.

About Chie:
Height: 140cm/145cm/150cm/158cm/168cm (4ft6/4ft8/5ft/5ft2/5ft5)
Material: Ultra Realistic medical TPE
Orifices: Realistic Vagina with Detailed Appearance + Tight Anal Entry + Orgasmic Oral Feature
Internal Textures: Varying textures and ribbed features for your pleasure.
Pubic hair: Shaved Completely
Package includes: The Doll / Random Wig / Random Lingerie
Skeleton: Fully articulated metal skeleton and Manoeuvrable limbs makes she can pose in any position like a real girl.
*All dolls are packed in a plain carton box. 100% safe & Private(No any information indicates it’s a doll.)
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Anime can emit countless distinct feelings and impulses to men. It can make us laugh, cry or even fantasize over animated characters. For this particular countdown, we here to bringing you the best anime sex doll. Anime sex dolls are a famous trend, they represent the perfect sex dolls, and looks more amazing than anyother girls in real life.They are the stunning character and have pleasant figure. No doubt, blessed with amazing looks andendearing personality. Who would not want an anime sex doll with sexy hourglass figure, bit breasts, and arefined feminine beautiful personality?

Height 4ft6(140cm) 4ft8(145cm) 5ft(152cm) 5ft2(158cm) 5ft5(168cm)
Upper Bust 26.4″(67cm) 26.8″(68cm) 29.5″(75cm) 31.9″(81cm) 32.7″(83cm)
Under bust 19.3″(49cm) 19.7″(50cm) 26″(66cm) 28.3″(72cm) 29.9″(76cm)
The Waist 17.3″(44cm) 17.5″(44.5cm) 20″(51cm) 22″(56cm) 22.4″(57cm)
Hip 29.5″(75cm) 29.7″(75.5cm) 30.7″(78cm) 30.7″(78cm) 32.3″(82cm)
Neck 10.2″(26cm) 10.6″(27cm) 10.6″(27cm) 11.8″(30cm) 11.2″(28.5cm)
Shoulder Width 11″(28cm) 11″(28cm) 12.6″(32cm) 13″(33cm) 14.2″(36cm)
Arm Length 21.3″(54cm) 21.7″(55cm) 17.7″(45cm) 16.1″(41cm) 18.9″(48cm)
Thigh Length 11.4″(29cm) 12.2″(31cm) 13″(33cm) 12.8″(32.5cm) 12.8″(33cm)
Thigh Girth 15.7″(40cm) 15.4″(39cm) 16,9″(43cm) 16.7″(42.5cm) 18.1″(46cm)
Leg Length 15″(38cm) 17.7″(45cm) 15″(38cm) 19.7″(50cm) 20.5″(52cm)
Palm 5.5″(14cm) 5.5″(14cm) 5.5″(14cm) 5.5″(14cm) 6.3″(16cm)
Foot Long 6.9″(17.5cm) 7.5″(19cm) 7.5″(19cm) 8.1″(20.5cm) 8.3″(21cm)
Mouth Depth 4.5″(11.5cm) 4.5″(11.5cm) 4.5″(11.5cm) 4.5″(11.5cm) 4.5″(11.5cm)
Vagina Depth 6.3″(16cm) 6.3″(16cm) 6.7″(17cm) 6.7″(17cm) 6.7″(17cm)
Anus Depth 4.7″(12cm) 4.7″(12cm) 4.9″(12.5cm) 4.9″(12.5cm) 4.9″(12.5cm)
Gross Weight 58.4 lbs(26.5kg) 58.6 lbs(26.6kg) 60.6 lbs(27.5kg) 67.2 lbs(30.5kg) 80.9 lbs(36.7kg)
Net Weight 60.2 lbs(27.3kg) 60.6 lbs(27.5kg) 70.5 lbs(32kg) 79.3 lbs(36kg) 92.6 lbs(42kg)
Package Size 47*13*10″(119*34*26cm) 53*13*10″(134*34*26cm) 53*15*10″(134*38*25cm) 56*14*12″(143*40*30cm) 58*14*12″(148*40*30cm)

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Weight N/A
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140cm(4ft6), 145cm(4ft8), 150cm(5ft), 158cm(5ft2), 168cm(5ft5)

6 reviews for Anime Sex Doll Chie 140cm 145cm 150cm 158cm 168cm Animation Doll

  1. Verified Buyer

    This doll has a good figure but it s not deformed and has no cellulite.

  2. Verified Buyer

    For the first time, I was interested in jelly breasts. It is moderately soft and elastic. I like..Amazing

  3. Verified Buyer

    The doll was better than on pictures, trust me, i fall in love with this doll, the boobs, ass was great. its beautiful

  4. Verified Buyer

    The reason that I bought this is that I would then have the companionship of a real woman without having to put up with a real woman. After all, I find it annoying when someone starts talking whilst I am watching the TV.

  5. Verified Buyer

    All perfect, the product and the customer service, could not be much more happier

  6. Verified Buyer

    I’m very happy with my purchase. Lovely doll as promoted.

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